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The Misconceptions To Debunk About Liposuction

liposuction surgery in Delhi

Fat Removal Surgery is a cosmetic enhancement treatment to remove the body's unwanted and stubborn fat. Therefore, it's not highly preferable when people are tired of trying hard to follow a healthy diet and regime. Still, some believe one misconception such as below.

The Myths That Can Affect Your Thoughts About Liposuction

Myth 1: Liposuction Is A Weight Loss Procedure

Fact 1: No! This is one of the most substantial misconceptions about liposuction surgery. It is not about eliminating the body's unwanted fat and promoting weight loss. This one encourages the removal of body fat within limitations. It is only for healthy weight candidates looking for body contouring in certain body areas with deposited fatty tissues.

Myth 2: It's a Fat Removal Surgery Only For Women?

Fact 2: Again, no! This might be confusing, but liposuction surgery is for all looking for an effective and cosmetic way to remove deposited body fat. It's not a gender-specific surgery that helps in getting rid of fat from the chest, arms, back, butt locks, thighs, etc.

Myth 3: Does Liposuction Help in Skin Tightening and Removal of Stretch Marks?

Fact 3: That's a misconception when saying goodbye! Liposuction is a way to remove soft fat underlying the skin but doesn't impact its tightening. However, it often can make skin looser than it was with fat. For patients looking for cosmetic treatment for skin tightening and removal of stretch marks. Some advanced cosmetic treatments, such as tummy tuck, are only designed to give you better body contour and toning.

Myth 4: Liposuction Surgery Is Permanent.

Fact 4: That's misleading if you believe so. Liposuction is permanent only if you keep the surgeon or doctor's precautions followed. It will only eliminate fat cells and tissues through a suction process, which is permanent. However, the continuity in the growth of fat cells or tissues will remain the same if you don't adopt a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying it is important to keep liposuction results permanent.

Myth 5: Liposuction Is Just An Alternative.

Fact 5: People who think liposuction is just an easy solution to remove the body's unwanted fat cells are wrong. This is not an alternative solution but a way to remove stubborn fat tissues and fat deposits in certain body areas. It's an advanced cosmetic procedure that gives good body contouring with fat removal. It has impactful results but also needs a recovery period & precaution. Talk to the Best Liposuction Surgeon to help you decide better for it after offering complete consultancy & examination.

Myth 6: Liposuction Has Age-Restrictions.

Fact 6: If your age is above 18, then consider certain factors, and the surgeon can go with liposuction surgery. It is merely an option after 18 with restrictions that must be highlighted and followed. Not all adults and young people are the right candidates for this Fat Removal Surgery if they have poor health. For older people, a thorough check-up is a must before going for it to keep it effective and safer. Factors like skin firmness, elasticity, reshaped contouring, etc., are important contraindications to liposuction.

Myth 7: Are all Liposuction Surgery Procedures the same?

Fact 7: Liposuction Fat Removal surgery has types of procedures with its own pros and cons. Just important is to look for the best Liposuction Clinic. Your surgeon will decide on the type of liposuction process to follow depending on factors like age, health, fat removal type, etc. The commonly performed fat removal surgical treatment may include Tumescent Liposuction, Laser-assisted Liposuction, and Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction.

Myth 8: Liposuction Surgery Is Expensive.

Fact 8: Actually, there are many types of liposuction surgery such as arm liposuction surgery, back liposuction surgery, chin liposuction surgery, etc. That's why it depends on the type of surgery you are having. And if you look at the average cost of liposuction it will be around Rs 1,06,250. The estimated cost of liposuction in Delhi ranges between Rs 85,000 to Rs 1,27,500. Apart from that, the price may also vary due to the experience of the surgeon, amount of fat collected, location of the clinic or hospital, clinic fees, type of anesthesia etc.

The Final Verdict:

If many misconceptions about liposuction surgery also trigger you, find a reputable Plastic surgery Clinic in Delhi. Talk to Dr Ashish Khare, who has established himself as an best plastic surgeon in Delhi, India and working at Kalosa Aesthetics, an experienced liposuction surgical doctor for Liposuction Cost, surgical process, and more.

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