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Vaser Technology: High Definition Liposuction and Its Benefits

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A revolutionary development in liposuction technology is Vaser, which stands for Vibration Amplification Of Sound Energy At Resonance. Vaser uses ultrasound technology, which adjusts to different tissue densities, to target stubborn fat deposits, in contrast to conventional methods. Vaser melts and emulsifies fat globules precisely, regardless of whether it is soft fat, which is common in females, or tougher, more resilient fat, which is found in males. Vaser is unique in that it breaks down fat in a targeted manner while protecting nearby blood vessels and nerves, making the procedure safer and leaving less tissue damage and scarring. Vaser is the method of choice for high-definition liposuction surgery because it uses incredibly thin cannulas, which means that patients recover more quickly and have more accurate results.

How Does Vaser Work?

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic cosmetic surgeries in the USA, and the rate of success is almost the same even in India. Vaser works on a cavitation technology which selectively and gently destroys the fat globules. During Vaser the patient is generally under general anesthesia. After the infiltration of the tumescent fluid the fat globules become soft,  through the same incision the vaser cannula is inserted. Vaser energy is like a wave. This sound wave hits the fat globules and breaks them and melts them. Vaser acts on both the superficial and deep compartment of fat. The additional benefits of Vaser energy is it does not damage the adjacent nerves and vessels so the recovery is early. Apart from melting the fat, it increases the  local temperature around the skin and the underlying muscle. This increased temperature helps in better adhering the overlying skin to the underlying musculature, giving better shape and results. Vaser Liposuction Surgery causes less bruising and trauma and hence helps in easier recovery and faster healing.

Who is the Ideal Candidate of Vaser High Definition?

  1. Young and Unmarried Females: Those who have a significant amount of loose skin over the lower abdomen and experience sagging in this area. While it is advised to undergo a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery procedure, unmarried patients can opt for Vaser liposuction, which aids in better reabsorption and redraping of the skin.

  2. Arms that Hang Loose and Saggy: A lot of young and middle-aged women have this problem. Vaser high-definition liposuction gives the arms better shape and contour by removing fat in a targeted manner and facilitating improved skin-to-muscle redraping.

  3. Double Chin: Fat around the double chin is dense. Vaser is the best choice for chin liposuction surgery. Even for patients who underwent threads or fat melting injections for double chin vaser melts and remove the previous adhesions and inflammation It gives better contour and jaw line definition.

  4. Bra Rolls: Vaser liposuction is an effective way for females to target and reduce excess fat around the bra area. A more aesthetically pleasing curvature results from improved fat reabsorption.

  5. Upper Abdomen: Fat in case of males as well as females is stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise. Here the fat is long standing. Hence, becomes dense and stubborn. The vascular supply to the upper abdomen is abundant. Vaser Helps in melting the dense, stubborn fat of the upper abdomen. 

  6. Six Packs Abs Hourglass Figure: Vaser is a great option for both men and women. It helps in providing better six packs abs creation in males and hourglass figure in case of females. 

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