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Chemical Peel/Vulval Bleach/Whitening

Skin Whitening Peel Treatment in Delhi NCR

Desire to compete with western world has led to changes in perspective of our urban females also. Females are a lot more confident and conscious nowadays. They understand the importance of active sexual life and intimate health which does not stop just by giving birth to their progeny. A discoloured perineal region is hated by both males and females and results in low self esteem and sexual dysfunction. They not only want their face to be perfect and young but also the vulva to be equally attractive. The swim wear which used to come till mid thigh has gradually transformed to show both your hip bones side ridges. Hence whereas in the past, there were discoveries about new bikini hair removal methods only, focus now has also involved how to keep vulval skin young and less pigmented.

Genital Bleaching

Yes, we are referring to new trend of genital bleaching which is a  procedure to lighten darkened skin in genital areas – labia majora, internal thighs and the perianal area. Hyperpigmented skin is usually due to melanin excess. This can be patchy or involving large areas and make the skin thick and prune like. Many of our females are still ignorant about it, hence they can just walk in to KALOSA CLINIC to understand this better. This page would definitely give you an insight about the possible methods and their advantages.

We should also understand that labia and vulva color are unique to each person and are totally natural and healthy. There is no ‘normal’ look and undergoing these cosmetic procedures is entirely your own decision.

Let us understand why vulva of some females is hyperpigmented?

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

  1. Hormonal changes

  2. Pregnancy

  3. Repeated waxing

  4. Drug induced

  5. Sun exposure

  6. Aging

What to Expect at Priliminary Consultation in Kalosa Clinic ?

  1. You are greeted warmly by the staff and the doctor.

  2. Thorough history is taken and the examination of local area is done.

  3. Any co existing medical illness or causative factor noted.

  4. Full procedure with due precautions is explained.

  5. Your expectations are addressed and then explained the requirements of multiple sittings for satisfactory results.

  6. Consent is taken for before and after photographs of the treatment area.


  1. Uncontrolled diabetes

  2. Psoriasis

  3. Active herpes

  4. Genital warts

  5. Any active localized lesion

  6. Intrauterine contraceptive device (FOR LASER GENITAL BLEACH)

Different Options Available

At Kalosa Clinic, we have two options for genital bleaching

1. Chemical Peels

  1. Pre-Conditioning - This is an important step to achieve better results and reduce post procedure pigmentation. It is usually started 6 weeks before the actual procedure. We highly recommend this to have best results.

  1. Pre Peel Instructions –Thorough counselling of the patient is done for the pre procedure instruction.

    Sun exposure and smoking to be avoided from 2 weeks prior to the therapy.

    Procedure is not preferred during menstruation.

  1. Peel Procedure –

    Usually medium depth peels are used eg- azelic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid peels.

    Areas covered are Labia majora, perianal and thigh (labia minora is never touched)

    Usually 2-3 coats of peel are applied.

    Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. Post Peel Instruction – treated area should not be rinsed for 6 hours post procedure.

    No intercourse or swimming is allowed for next 3 days.

    Adequate hygiene and moisturization to be followed.

  1. Results – Usually 5-6 sittings are required.

    Skin peeling appears 3-5 days after the procedure.

2. Laser Vaginal Bleach

  1. Options–CO2, Erbium, Q Switch.

    At Kalosa, we usually prefer CO2 laser.

  1. Mechanism – It causes tissue ablation and promotes accelerated re-epithelisation, and tissue regeneration. This makes skin tone even and texture better.

    Darker skin tones are not suitable for laser bleaching due to risk of hypo-pigmentation (patchy white areas appearing following the laser treatment).

  1. What Are the Benefits of Laser Vaginal Bleaching?

  1. Quick and easy 20 minute procedure.

  2. Makes pigmentation even and skin plumper, healthy looking.

  3. Painless procedure with no cut.

  4. No downtime, simple office break procedure.

  5. Improves sexual life and boosts confidence.

  6. Can be combined with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures like vaginal tightening.

  1. Procedure –

  1. Treatment area should be properly shaved prior to the procedure.

  2. Local topical anaesthesia are usually given.

  3. Eye protection gears to be worn.

  4. For optimal bleaching, 2-3 passes of scanner are used.

  5. Patient feels slight warm sensation and short bursts of light.

  6. Each session usually takes 30 min.

  1. Post Procedure Instructions –

  1. Adequate moisturizer should be used.

  2. Cool compress can be used in immediate post op period.

  3. Topical exfoliation to be avoided for 4 weeks.

  4. Washing to be avoided for next 24 hours.

  5. Wear comfortable undergarments to maintain adequate ventilation

  6. Local hygiene to be maintained – area should not be sweaty.

  1. Follow Up – Usually 6 sessions every fortnightly are required, then yearly maintenance session.

  1. Side Effects

There can be few side effects, namely, burning, blistering, redness, allergic reaction and rarely, scarring.

Why Choose Kalosa Cosmetic Clinic for Vaginal Bleaching ?

  1. Team of highly qualified doctors- dr deepti asthana is an internationally trained gynae cosmetic surgeon whereas dr ashish khare is an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

  2. Well trained staff.

  3. Clinic equipped with latest state of the art technology and equipments and has great ambience.

  4. Excellent past results and innumerable happy patients.

  5. All safety measures for COVID 19 are being followed:

    1. Clinic is being sanitized daily.

    2. Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance.

    3. Social distancing being strictly followed.

    4. Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits.



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