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Gynecomastia Problem: Why Surgery Is The Only Option For Treatment?

Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi

Gynecomastia is an abnormal collection of fat and proliferation of the glandular tissue in young males, middle aged as well as the elderly. The enlarged breast tissue is a concern of social stigma and only the person suffering from gynecomastia understands and feels it. Here we will discuss the various problems the person suffers while dealing with Gynecomastia. 

1. Gynecomastia, or abnormal fat accumulation and glandular tissue enlargement in the chest area, is a common adolescent experience for young boys. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this problem worse by making teenagers spend more time indoors and eat unhealthier meals. Some have gained a lot of weight as a result, which has caused their breast tissue to enlarge. Their development is severely impacted by this physical alteration, which makes them retreat from social situations, lose interest in academic pursuits and outdoor activities, and turn to wearing tight clothing or jackets to cover up their chests.

The irony is that these young boys cannot express themselves to their parents. It is  usually the mother who brings these young teens to the plastic surgeons. Usually this gynecomastia may regress on its own as the patient becomes adult , but if the patient is mentally disturbed  and depressed we try to operate on the patient and bring them back to life . 

2. The second category of patients are young males who are adults and between  twenty to thirty years of age. These patients belong to all strata of society. They may be involved with academics, sports, working professionals, politicians, lower socioeconomic etc. The common factor among these patients was the diet. All these patients were interested in junk food, adulterated dairy and chicken, injectable steroid abuse in the gym which leads to proliferation of fat and the glandular tissue. The problems these patients face were similar and are as follows.

  1. Unable to wear tight fitted T – shirts and shirts. 

  2. Ashamed to see themself in front of the mirror. 

  3. Avoid going to the public pools and beaches. 

  4. Feeling ashamed and awkward while with a female partner on the bed.

  5. Under confident during a meeting with colleagues  or in front of a camera. 

3. The  third category of patients are middle aged, usually in their forties. These patients also suffer from the same social trauma along with the issues of separation  and divorce with their partners , or looking for remarriage . The problem of Gynecomastia may look simple but have serious repercussions both mentally, physically as well as socially, and only the patient who suffers from it understands it .

4. These sets of patients are usually the adults above sixty years of age. Depletion of testosterone and increase estrogen in these patients along with medical comorbidities, drugs, alcohol, liver disease etc, may be the major causes of development of gynecomastia in these sets of patients. Life is small and we all want to live it big  and grand, but no one  wants big boobs in males at any phase of life.

Gynecomastia surgery is the only way to treat it, there is no medical treatment of gynecomastia. It is a abnormal collection of fat and the glandular tissue and If we remove the fat and leave the glands, the gland may irritate and may cause pain in the future and if we remove glands and leave fat, it may cause dimpling deformity on the chest with big scars.

For best aesthetic results Vaser Liposuction and glandular excision is the gold standard treatment of gynecomastia for more queries regarding gynecomastia and its surgery do connect with us at kalosaaesthetics.com and meet our celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Ashish Khare, who  is best gynecomastia surgeon in india has experienced of operating more than 5000 plus vaser liposuction in india  of all the major areas of the body.

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