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Gynecomastia Surgery: What to Expect From Day Zero to Recovery?


Gynecomastia can be a difficult condition to live with, and there is frequently a lack of knowledge regarding available treatments and the specifics of what occurs after surgery. In particular, you probably have a lot of questions such as What will recovery be like? When can I resume my normal routine? How soon will I see the results I've longed for?  if you've decided to undergo gynecomastia surgery in order to restore your self-esteem and reshape your chest. 

When considering gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, understanding the post-operative recovery process is crucial. While it's typically an outpatient procedure, meaning admission in the morning and discharge by evening, the days that follow can bring various questions. Fear not! Let's understand the day-by-day realities of life after gynecomastia surgery in Delhi, highlighting what to expect from the moment you wake up to the weeks that follow:

Day Zero: After the surgery is performed the patient is shifted to recovery. The patient is still under the effect of anesthesia and after three to four hours the patient comes out of anesthesia. The patient can have sips of water and mobilize . He may feel a little discomfort over the chest due to the dressing but pain may be minimal. Patients can be easily discharged after four to six hours post surgery and can have good sleep at night. He has to take oral antibiotics and painkillers. 

Day 1: After the good sleep the earlier night, the patient feels better the next morning. Some discomfort over the chest due to dressing and slight pain is common. Staining of dressing with red fluid is common as the post liposuction fluid is drained. Normal diet can be started as usual and the oral dose of painkillers and antibiotics should be taken as advised. 

Day 2: After 48 hrs post surgery, we call the patient to remove the dressing. The dressing is firmly adhered to the skin. There are two benefits of the compression dressing: firstly it prevents edema and bruising of the skin and secondly due to compression the excess fluid is drained and so the recovery is early. We do not prefer to give compression garments the very same day as it may get wet and dirty due to drainage of fluid . Once the dressing is removed the patient can appreciate the new looking  chest. There may be some skin wrinkling but that is common, skin wrinkling takes  five to seven days to redrape better to the underlying muscle and take the shape of the muscle. 

Day 3 to Day 10: After three to five days the patient is mostly comfortable. Pain and discomfort is very less and the patient slowly gets accustomed to the pressure garment as well. Movement of shoulders above the head is permissible and driving car and bike is allowed . The patient can walk and climb stairs as much as he likes,  wear the garments, running, jumping, dancing and lifting heavy weights is not allowed for about a month after surgery. Medicines after five days are usually not recommended and no painkillers are required. Chances of infection are negligible in our centre.

DAY 14: We call the patient after two weeks post surgery. Usually we use non absorbable  very fine sutures   for the gland excision. Non Absorbable sutures do not interfere with body healing and scar formation and hence a better scar. After four to six weeks the scar is hardly visible. One should avoid smoking and alcohol for at least three to four weeks post surgery. Pressure garments should be worn for at least three to four weeks,  if the gynecomastia is grade one and two and if gynecomastia is grade three and four the garment should be used for at least four to six weeks. 

Gynecomastia surgery in India is a confidence boosting surgery and people who avoided public pools and beaches due to gynecomastia problem, after surgery they visit swimming pools and a beach holiday. So for more queries regarding gynecomastia, male boobs, chest fat, puffy nipples, big areola visit our experienced plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR Dr Ashish Khare at Kalosa aesthetics, who has an experience of operating more than 5000 gynecomastia surgeries.

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