Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

One of the most popular and commonly done surgery in cosmetic gynaecology these days is hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy in Delhi. The term comes from the Greek words - hymen meaning membrane and raphe meaning suture.


Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

HYMEN is the thin delicate membrane which is the outermost covering of the vagina. It does not exactly have any physiological function except for that it gets ruptured during first intercourse and marks the start of sexual activity of any female. Hence hymen repair or hymenoplasty is often called as re-virgination surgery.

There are various other reasons for which hymen may get ruptured apart from sexual activity. Females who use tampons during menstrual cycle often have ruptured hymen, so does athletic or sporty females or post any medical procedure involving vagina and cervix.

Need for Hymenoplasty in Delhi

Now there are various reasons as to why females look forward to hymen repair in Delhi. The first and foremost being socio- cultural reason. According to religious beliefs, females are supposed to have intact hymen till their marriage and rupture should occur only post marriage. To maintain family cultural and ethnic belief and prove sexual purity, girls desperately look forward to get their hymen restored. Some females want to just get it done to get over their failed relationship or repair torn hymen due to medical reasons.

Preferred Timing of the Surgery

Preferred timing of the surgery is 3 months or more prior to the marriage but if there is shortage of time, atleast 6 weeks should be there. It is usually not helpful if surgery is done too close to the marriage as patients are not able to take recommended rest and stitches also do not heal completely. Complete healing of the hymen may take from 3 weeks to 6 weeks atleast.

It is usually preferable to do the surgery immediate post menstrual. Sometimes next menstrual cycle is postponed to avoid flow of blood during acute healing phase as constant rubbing of menstrual pad and resulting infection may result in disruption of stitches.

Operative Prerequisites

We, at KALOSA, have been doing this surgery since more than half a decade now and girls from far away places come to us for this. We feel fortunate that we are a team of a hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi. Hymen is a very thin and delicate membrane, so its reconstruction is done beautifully by microsurgery by our in house plastic surgeon.

Due to delicacy of the matter, the identity of the patient is completely concealed. Hence, patients should not worry about this.

A full medical and surgical history precedes a standard pelvic exam.

We prefer examining the patient a week prior to the surgery to rule out any internal infection so that healing is not compromised later on and also to assess the hymenal tags. Outstation and international patients are given empirical treatment for vaginal infection prior to the surgery.

Patients are explained various techniques for the procedure – mainly single layered or multi layered and the types of anaesthesia which can be used. Depending on the patients choice, same is fixed for the patient.

Surgical risks of the procedure are explained which are rare but can include wound dehiscence, infection, scarring, and creating overly small introitus leading to obstruction of vaginal outflow and hematocolpos, and dyspareunia.

Patients should note that bleeding may not occur during first coitus in over half of women with unruptured hymen and that hymenoplasty cannot guarantee bleeding.

Contraindications to the procedure include any active or untreated pelvic infections or inflammatory processes, malignancy, bleeding disorders, and unrealistic expectations.

Few blood tests are required to be done prior to the surgery to assess the general condition of the patient.

What to Expect on Surgery Day ?

  1. Patient is allowed to come only with one attendant to avoid overcrowding.

  2. Patient can have light meals and come, if the surgery is decided for local anaesthesia. However. if the patient has opted for general anaesthesia, patient should be empty stomach , i.e. no food, liquids including water orally for atleast 8 hours prior to surgery.

  3. There should not be any upper respiratory tract infection or any fever at the day of surgery or any other major contraindication.

  4. Patient is asked to fill the consent form which also briefs about the possible complications.

  5. It is preferable if pubic hair trimming is done 2 days prior to the surgery to avoid any fresh cuts.

  6. Preoperative photograph is taken.

  7. Local anaesthesia sensitivity testing is done.

  8. Patient is asked to pass urine and proceed to OT room.

About the Surgery

The surgery can be done under local as well as general anaesthesia depending on the preference of the patient. It is a mini daycare procedure.

Usual surgical time is 30 min to 1 hour depending on the technique being used.

Surgery is done under microscopic magnification so that end result is satisfactory.

The sutures used are very fine and absorbable. They dissolve on their own once healing is complete.

This surgery can also be combined with a surgical vaginoplasty which is done prior to hymenoplasty.

A small hole is left in the center of the membrane so that menstrual blood can flow through it.

Post Op Instructions and Care

Patients are usually observed for one hour post surgery and given all post operative instructions.

Mild bleeding and pain is expected for 2-3 days. A set of antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are given for a week.

They are instructed to take rest for atleast 3 days post surgery and then keep their activities to the minimum. Local hygiene should be maintained and is of utmost importance. There should not be any squatting or any activity involving widening of perineum.

Smoking and alcohol intake should be strictly avoided as they delay in healing of the stitches.

Fluid intake should be adequate to avoid any urinary infection in the post operative period.

Some patients are tempted to check stitches themselves or do fingering, both of which are strictly prohibited.

Sexual intercourse should also be avoided for 6 weeks atleast.

Patients are usually called 4 to 6 weeks post surgery for follow up.


  1. Team of highly qualified doctors- Dr Deepti Asthana is well trained hymenoplasty surgeon in Delhi whereas Dr Ashish Khare is an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon

  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.

  3. Surgery is tailored according to your needs and expectations.

  4. Clinic set on high standards with great ambience.

  5. Well trained staff.

  6. Clinic equipped with latest state of the art technology and equipment.

  7. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.



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