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Labial Augmentation with Fat Grafting


Fat Grafting Surgery in Delhi NCR


An autologous fat transfer uses fat cells from another part of your own body. It is a simple and highly successful way to restore natural appearance and function and is being used since long back in history. But with the introduction of newer technologies, fat grafting has evolved a lot and this newer trend is here to stay. It is being used for facial and female genital regeneration as well as augmentation of hands, breast etc.

Labial Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Stem cells are an important part of the maintenance and repair of the human body, keeping tissues alive and healthy. Fat tissue has been discovered to be a rich source of stem cells that can be applied to different areas of the body and act to regenerate the dermis.

Let us see some important uses of fat grafting.

Labia Majora Augmentation

With age, there is volume loss and firmness in body tissues and most become dull, loose and wrinkled due to loss of collagen. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures also address the same concern and work towards making the genitalia again supple and healthy looking. Labial augmentation is one such procedure which aims to restore the shrunken labias and give them firmer look. Aging labias cause pain during intercourse as their cushioning effect along the pubic bone is lost and hence leads to sexual dissatisfaction. Females also want to regain their younger looking labias. Though some doctors use dermal fillers also but we prefer labial augmentation with fat transfer with long lasting effect. Nano fat grafting is the superior technology with low probability of infection or skin necrosis and hence better survival rates.

Fat transfer gives additional cushioning effect at pubic bone, makes sagging skin firmer and can mask minor hypertrophy of labia minora. We can also use fat grafting for congenital vulval abnormality, correction of perineal scarring and trauma, atrophic changes due to lichen sclerosus, and reversal of female genital mutilation.

Preliminary Consultation at Kalosa

  1. You are required to meet Dr Deepti Asthana, our gynae cosmetic surgeon and Dr Ashish Khare, our plastic cosmetic surgeon.

  2. Thorough history is taken and examination is done.

  3. The consultation is spent discussing and evaluating your concerns, as well as developing a customized surgical plan that is right for you.

  4. Decided plan of surgery is discussed in detail.

  5. Preliminary blood investigations ordered.

  6. Blood thinners to be stopped three days prior to date of surgery.

  7. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped atleast 2 weeks prior to surgery for better healing of the wound.

What to Expect on Surgery Day ?

  1. Patient is allowed to come only with one attendant to avoid overcrowding.

  2. Patient can have light meals and come, if the surgery is decided for local anaesthesia. However, if the patient has opted for general anaesthesia, patient should be empty stomach , i.e. no food, liquids including water orally for atleast 8 hours prior to surgery.

  3. There should not be any upper respiratory tract infection or any fever at the day of surgery or any other major contraindication.

  4. Patient is asked to fill the consent form which also briefs about the possible complications.

  5. It is preferable if pubic hair trimming is done 2 days prior to the surgery to avoid any fresh cuts.

  6. Preoperative photograph is taken.

  7. Local anaesthesia sensitivity testing is done.

  8. Patient is asked to pass urine and proceed to OT room.

Fat Harvesting

  1. Procedure is usually performed under local tumescent anaesthesia.

  2. First step in fat transfer is fat harvesting which is through liposuction.

  3. Common sites of fat harvesting are tummy, thigh, hips, medial knee.

  4. Harvested fat is centrifuged and separated from cellular debris.

Fat Transfer

Using specialized, small syringes, fat is injected into the labia at varying depths and in very small increments. Care is taken to evenly spread it across labia.

Little extra amount of fat is injected since part of it gets absorbed.


Early complications include bruising, pain, numbness and swelling.

Late complication include surface irregularity, blood clot, fat necrosis and rarely, deep vein thrombosis and cardio pulmonary complications.


Following the procedure, some bruising and swelling is present which typically subsides in 5-10 days. Cool compresses can be used to decrease swelling.

Pain is managed by oral analgesics.

Patient can resume the daily activities from very next day.

Sexual activity can be resumed from day 3 post operatively.


Results are usually very good and satisfactory to the patient. After initial local swelling, there is some absorption of fat and then final volume is stabilised. Final results obtained are ever lasting. Results of NANO FAT GRAFTING are better than MICRO FAT GRAFTING.

Why Choose Kalosa for Labial Augmentation by Fat Transfer ?

  1. Team of highly qualified doctors- Dr Deepti Asthana is an internationally trained gynae cosmetic surgeon whereas Dr Ashish Khare is an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.

  3. Surgery is tailored according to your needs and expectations..

  4. Clinic set on high standards with great ambience

  5. Well trained staff.

  6. Clinic equipped with latest state of the art technology and equipment.

  7. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.

  8. All safety measures for COVID 19 are being followed:

    1. Clinic is being sanitized daily.

    2. Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance.

    3. Social distancing being strictly followed.

    4. Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits.



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