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Lip Modifications - Augmentation/ Reduction

'Curves of our lips recreate history…'

Lip Reduction in Delhi

Lip Reduction (Modifications) Surgery in Delhi

Lips can enhance your smile and sparkle your face. As they say, there is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and has the power to define a woman's whole look. Optimum lip thickness is the secret and this desire can now be achieved through a correction in our clinic KALOSA- thin lips can be augmented and thick lips can be reduced, to give you picture-perfect lipstick lips. 

Get the best cost of lip reduction in Delhi/Lip Modifications/Lip Augmentation at Kalosa Aesthetics to reducing the volume of the lower lip, upper lip, or both lips by the one of the best lip reduction or lip reshaping surgeon in New Delhi, South Delhi (India). Dr. Ashish Khare is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with experience of doing numerous lip correction surgeries across Delhi/ NCR.


What is considered the 'perfect lips'?

According to science, the 'perfect lips' are well proportioned, symmetrical, and evenly balanced. The width of the lips should be about 40% of the width of the lower face and generally equal to the distance between the medial limbi.

In today's times, when the selfie trend is rage, there is no perfect dimension. Celebrities start a trend and many women want to copy them e.g. Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner etc.

Full and sumptuous lips are the most preferable lip shape of them all nowadays. 1:1 ratio of the upper and lower lip and fuller lower lips are being asked for. Enhancement of Cupid's bows to enhance the natural vertical columns that lie immediately about the upper lip are also in demand.

What can be done for thick lips?

KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC is one of the best centers in Delhi/ NCR for lip reduction surgery. It is a one-time permanent solution to get rid of thick unwanted lips and make your face more harmonious. 

  1. Anaesthesia - Surgery is usually done under local anaesthesia.
  2. Method - Desired lip shape and size are marked and the extra tissue is removed. The scars are put inside the mouth so that they are not visible later. If done along with CO2 laser, results in less blood loss and faster recovery.
  3. Recovery- There is significant swelling of tissue post-surgery, which subsides in 3-4 weeks following which real shape of the lip can be appreciated. Sutures used are usually absorbable, so stitches need not be removed.

What can be done for thin lips?

KALOSA COSMETIC CLINIC is one of the best centers for lip augmentation surgery in Delhi. Lip enhancement can be done using fillers or fat in a simple OPD based procedure to achieve harmony between upper and lower lips or get thick, plumper, and sensuous lips.

  1. Method- Fillers are the most popular ways to enhance lip shape and size. Pre-filled filler syringes are available which are injected to achieve that perfect pout. 
  2. Recovery - Swelling post-procedure usually subsides within 3-4 days. The effect of filler can last up to one year, following which it needs to be repeated.

An alternative to filler is fat grafting which is a similar procedure but may get absorbed a little early.


  1. Dr. Ashish Khare is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with experience of doing numerous lip correction surgeries across Delhi/ NCR.
  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.
  3. Clinic set on high standards with great ambiance.
  4. Well trained staff.
  5. Clinic equipped with the latest state of the art technology and equipment.
  6. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.
  7. All safety measures for COVID-19 are being followed.
  8. The clinic is being sanitized daily.
  9. Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance.
  10. Social distancing being strictly followed.
  11. We offer one of the best lip reduction surgery cost in Delhi and lip augmentation cost in Delhi.



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