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Split Ear Lobule Correction

Split Ear Lobule Correction in Delhi NCR

Aging is a gradual process. With age, ear lobules of some females become thin due to loss of collagen and less elasticity, hence hole for earring gradually increases and finally gives way.

Split Ear Lobule Correction

This can also occur as a result of trauma resulting due to pulling off the earring worn by the kids usually or some accident resulting in ripping off the ear lobe. Sometimes, initial ear lobe piercing done is too low, so even a small extension of the ear hole results in the cut-through of the lobe.

This is quite embarrassing as well as depressing for some patients. they are not able to wear their favorite jewelry piece because of this. Increased hole size often results in hanging earpiece, as a result of which females are constantly bothered. They often have to sacrifice danglers for big studs which can cover up their big hole. If not corrected timely, ear Lobule may cut completely when even wearing studs is not possible.

These torn, droopy, ripped, stretched out ears can be easily corrected by our plastic surgeon Dr. Ashish Khare through a simple surgery. Let us clear our doubts about the procedure.

What is the upper age limit when the split ear lobule correction can be done?

There is no upper age limit for this procedure, any and everyone can go for this procedure which is a simple outpatient daycare surgery, often called a lunch break procedure.

Can I come directly to the surgery?

Yes, initial preliminary consultation can be booked online with the doctor, if repeated visits need to be avoided. After his instructions, you can come directly on the day of the surgery.

What to expect on preliminary consultation at kalosa clinic?

  1. A detailed consultation with our plastic surgeon Dr. Ashish Khare can be done where he understands the expectations of the patient. You should feel free to discuss any issues related to this to the doctor.
  2. The plan of the surgery is discussed in detail and explained to the patient.
  3. Past results are shown for a better understanding of the procedure.
  4. Preliminary required investigations are ordered a report of which patient needs to show before coming for the surgery.
  5. Blood thinners to be stopped three days before the date of surgery.

How is the surgery done?

Dr. Ashish Khare does this surgery in local anaesthesia. The patient remains awake during the surgery, only the ear lobule is infiltrated with anesthesia. This is a simple 30min to 1-hour surgery. Ear margins are refreshed and then sutured back by non-absorbable sutures. This is usually done in layers for increased strength involving skin and soft tissue. In the case of droopy or stretched ear lobes, the doctor will excise the skin lining the tear to remove any extra skin protrusion, reduce the size of your earlobe, and maintain bilateral symmetry.

What are the probable side effects of this surgery?

No major side effects or complications are noted in this surgery.

What precautions to take care of post-surgery?

The dressing is usually not applied, just that the sutured wound needs to be kept dry and antibiotic ointment applied. Antibiotics and pain killer medications are prescribed for about a week. Make sure you do not hurry up for suture removal or re piercing of the ear which is done once there is complete healing.

When are follow up visits required?

Follow up visit is advised after a week. Sutures are removed approximately 2 weeks post-surgery.

When can you re-pierce the ears?

Re piercing is usually avoided for the next 3 to 6 months to allow lobule tissue to heal up and gain strength.


  1. Dr. Ashish Khare is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with more than experience of doing more than 300+ ear cases across Delhi/NCR.
  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.
  3. Clinic set on high standards with great ambiance.
  4. Well trained staff.
  5. Clinic equipped with latest state of the art technology and equipments.
  6. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.
  7. All safety measures for COVID 19 are being followed.
  8. Clinic is being sanitized daily.
  9. Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance.
  10. Social distancing being strictly followed.



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