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Undereye Dark Circles Treatment

Undereye Dark Circles Treatment

Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment in Delhi NCR

Dark circles around the eyes are often synonymous with poor health, deficient sleep, inadequate nutrition and of course, inevitable ageing process. They can make one look older, tired and unattractive.

As someone has rightly said...


Such remarks often leave your confidence shaken and you are forced to reassess yourself for the cause of the dark eye circles and their treatment.

What are the causes of dark eye circle?

There are multiple causes of dark eye circles, namely - ageing, genetic causes, inadequate sleep, mental stress, hormonal changes, addiction to alcohol and smoking, sun exposure leading to inflammation and skin damage, nutritional deficiency e.g. anaemia and other lifestyle habits.

Theoretically speaking, the skin under your eyes is influenced by the underlying blood vessels, pigment in the skin, the thickness of the skin and the amount of fluid that accumulates in that area. The finely textured dermis/ epidermis has no oil glands, and is ultra susceptible to dark circles, rings or shadows. With aging, there is breakdown of collagen and fat cells disappear from below the lower eyelids, causing a hollow and sag in your skin.

Poor circulation may cause blood vessels low in oxygen to reflect blueish hue. Also veins and capillaries have blue colored blood, which when seen through thin skin, gives dark appearance to the skin.

How can improving your lifestyle delay the formation of dark eye circles?

Lifestyle changes can go a long way in prevention of dark eye circles, though once formed, they would not be enough to completely remove them. Let us discuss some of these here:

  1. Getting proper adequate sleep at night.
  2. Slight elevation of head during sleep.
  3. Minimizing sun exposure and application of good sun screen lotion to face whenever going out in sun.
  4. Applying cold compresses often to the eyes.
  5. Intake of vit-C to increase collagen production under the eyes.
  6. Reducing the amount of stress.
  7. Avoiding alcohol use and smoking.
  8. Keeping good hydration of the body.
  9. Eating well balanced diet.
  10. Using high quality skin care products.

Why you should see an aesthetic doctor for the treatment?

The treatment of dark eye circles is tricky, often require multiple combined treatments. Your doctor is the best guide to assess your skin and direct the treatment accordingly. An experienced aesthetic doctor will treat you from his vast past experience and help you manage your expectations around effectiveness of each treatment.

Why you have to be patient during dark eye circle treatment?

Dark eye circles once formed are actually difficult to get rid of promptly. These usually require multiple sittings of treatment and often multiple treatments together. Hence, you are required to have patience and not get disappointed only after the first session of your treatment.

What are the various treatment options available?

Treatment comprises of combination of cosmetic treatments and healthy lifestyle changes. Let us look at some of the available treatment options -

  1. Periorbital chemical peels: Very helpful, require multiple sessions 3-4 weeks apart.
  2. Electrolocation: Vit A, Vit C and tretinoin are injected with a very fine needle, very helpful in reducing dark circles around the eyes.
  3. RF thermage: Superfilled radiofrequency is used to the periorbital area and its very helpful to reduce the dark circles.
  4. Radiofrequency with Microneedling: Radiofrequency with microneedling combination is very helpful for periorbital rejuvenation and reducing undereye pigmentation.
  5. PRP with Microneedling: Helps in the rejuvenation of the periorbital area by creating the micro-channels and gives the hydration and fresh look and reduces the darkness.
  6. Lasers: such as intense pulsed light, Q switched laser. Ablative laser resurfacing etc. may help in reorganising collagen fibers and eliminating the dark circles.
  7. Fillers for periorbital rejuvenation: Hyaluronic acid fillers are very helpful for under eye hollowing and dark circles. They increase the under eye volume. Superficial fillers help in rejuvenating the under eye skin and diminish the undereye pigmentation.
  8. Nano-fat transfer to under eye dark circles: Treatment for the under eye dark circle also involves nano fat transfer to the under eye. The fat is harvested from the lower abdomen or the inner aspect of the thigh with the help of very fine liposuction cannulas. The harvested fat is purified and prepared. The desired fat obtained has stem cells and helps in the rejuvenation of the under eye skin. This nano-fat gives the skin enhanced quality, volume and improves the pigmentation.
  9. Blepharoplasty: It is an eyelid surgery technique to reduce the extra fat and skin from the eyelids to convert hanging upper eyelid and lower eyelid bags. It is a scarless procedure and helps in decreasing the shadow cast by your eyelid and reduces the appearance of dark circles.


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