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Vaginal and Vulval Procedures

Restore and enhance intimate health with simple and quick vaginal procedures. Experts treatments and world-class techniques. Stay active and healthy!

Labial Augmentation with Fat Grafting

Labial Augmentation with Fat Grafting

  Fat Grafting Surgery in Delhi NCR   An autologous fat transfer uses fat cells from another part of your own body. It is a simple and hi...

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Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi


Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi One of the most popular and commonly done surgery in cosmetic gynaecology these days is hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy...

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Labiaplasty in Delhi NCR


Labiaplasty in Delhi NCR Labioplasty is a surgery performed on hypertrophied labias, the flaps which are present on either side overlying the vagin...

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Chronic Perineal tear repair

Perineoplasty /perineorrhaphy

Perineoplasty Surgery in Delhi NCR Giving birth to a child brings a lot of joy in one’s life. Additionally it also brings concern for damaged per...

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Vaginoplasty in Delhi


Vaginoplasty in Delhi Vagina is the muscular canal connecting cervix to the perineum through the middle opening in the pelvic region. Earlier, this...

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Vaginismus Treatment in Delhi


Vaginismus Treatment in Delhi Painful intercourse due to problem in penetration is yet another bothering condition which affects normal sexual life...

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Monsplasty Surgery in Delhi NCR Monsoplasty is analogous to abdominoplasty for abdomen and is the procedure to reduce the bulging and tighten the s...

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Mons and Labia Majora Liposuction in Delhi NCR

Mons and Labia Majora Liposuction

Mons and Labia Majora Liposuction in Delhi NCR Mons is the area above the vulva overlying pubic bone, which is hairy and contains subcutaneous fat....

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