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What You Need To Know About 360 Degree Abdomen Liposuction?


Almost all of the young female patients, be it young, middle aged as well as adults suffer from abnormal accumulation of fat around the abdomen also called truncal obesity. This abnormal accumulation of fat may be due to post pregnancy, diet rich in carbohydrates, hormonal issues and lack of exercise. The definitive solution to get rid of truncal fat and regain your hourglass figure is 360 degree abdominal liposuction . 

The trend for sculpted bodies has popularized Fat Removal Surgery as a common cosmetic surgical procedure to assist individuals in removing excess fat. Typically, middle-aged and young females aspire to achieve the best-sculpted body, challenging themselves to attain solely through diet and exercise.

What are the areas dealt with 360 degree abdominal liposuction?

360 degree abdominal liposuction means fat removal including the whole torso. The various body parts included in 360 lipo are the lower aspect of back, the middle section of back also called bra rolls or the bra buckle, both the sides love handles, the lower abdomen and the most stubborn upper abdomen fat. These are the total six areas which are dealt in 360 degree abdominal liposuction. We at kalosa cosmetics usually treat  all the areas, because if we do one area and leave the other area, it may cause contour irregularities and that is not aesthetically pleasing . 

What preparations are needed to go for  360 degree abdominal liposuction?

After a detailed clinical examination by our plastic surgeon Dr Ashish Khare. The amount of fat distribution, the quality of fat (whether soft or firm), skin quality (whether the skin is intact or having strie), the lower abdomen fat and skin, is the rectus muscle intact or separated. The most important is  the expectations of the  patient, which are discussed and accordingly the procedure is planned . 

How long will liposuction recovery take?

Patients undergoing  abdomen liposuction can perform all routine activities  in a few days. Recovery also depends upon the amount of fat distribution. Daily walk promotes healing. You might feel mild to moderate discomfort for the first few days to a week. To manage the pain, take medications as advised . You need to recover faster, so you need maximum rest, a good high protein  diet and keep yourself hydrated. The general scarring, bruising, swelling and tenderness are okay for some days and will fade away as the body heals. Your liposuction surgeon will suggest you wear a compression garment and that you must wear this all the time, at least for a month, except during the shower.

How much does liposuction cost?

On average, the Liposuction Cost in India  is 150,000 INR. However, the estimated Liposuction Cost is between 1,50,000 INR and 3,50,000 INR. The cost varies from clinic to clinic, city to city and surgeon to surgeon. Many factors affect the liposuction budget like surgeon experience, location of hospital, clinic fees, type of anesthesia, types of liposuction surgery , number of body areas included and whether tummy tuck surgery is also involved 

The Final Verdict:

If you are seeking a reputable Liposuction Surgery in Delhi and NCR, ensure thorough consultation with the specialized Liposuction Surgeon, Dr. Ashish Khare, at the premier plastic surgery clinic called Kalosa Aesthetics. Apart from that you must ask some important questions to your liposuction surgeon including inquiring about experience, clinic credentials, and reviewing before & after results of previous patients.

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