Best Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

A common cosmetic procedure, liposuction surgery aims to remove fatty tissues that are resistant to conventional diet and exercise methods. It is an art that sculpts your body, hence also known as liposculpture. The liposuction surgery in Delhi uses a minimally invasive method of suction to remove the fat at affordable cost.

Most common sites of stubborn fat are around the waist, thighs, legs, chin, and arms. For liposuction surgery in Delhi, KALOSAAESTHETICS offers a variety of techniques, including The VASER, Power Assisted Liposuction, Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, and Suction Assisted Liposuction.


Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Is Liposuction Surgery Right For Me?

Every patient is different and her profile is different. You may be a housewife not bothered by a little extra fat protrusion at the belly but some may be into glamour world or professionals where even a small lump of fat is not permissible. Also, a lot depends on the desire of the patient.

You should just understand that liposuction is not for weight loss but body reshaping. Any healthy female who is tired of exercising and diet changes but not able to lose resistant fat should opt for liposuction. A female who is deeply worried because of weight excess post-delivery can try liposuction. In fact, such females should opt for the full mommy makeover procedure.

Preliminary Consultation: What To Expect?

  1. A detailed consultation with our plastic surgeon Dr. Ashish Khare is done where he understands the expectations of the patient and then discusses the benefits and how to achieve them.

  2. Thorough history is taken and examination is done.

  3. Decided plan of surgery is discussed in detail.

  4. Preliminary blood investigations are ordered.

  5. Blood thinners to be stopped three days before the date of surgery.

Thanks to evolvement of cosmetic procedures, getting this desired figure is not a dream anymore and with the help of liposuction surgery in Delhi, you can achieve that.

Stay with us for more information on liposuction surgery.

What to expect on the day of liposuction surgery in Delhi?

  1. Patient is usually called empty stomach with 8 hours of fasting as this procedure is usually done under general anaesthesia.

  2. Written consent for the procedure is taken and the patient shifted to the OT.

  3. Before starting the procedure, the concerned areas are first marked. Post-anaesthesia, the hidden areas of the body like the axillae, umbilicus and the inguinal crease are used to give a small 2mm cuts through which the infiltration fluid or the medication are injected in desired planes and left for around 10 – 15 minutes to dissolve the fat.

  4. After that, the ultrasound energy or VASER is used to dissolve or emulsify the fat. This heat energy also helps in skin tightening and re-draping of skin better to the underlying muscles. After this, the fat along with the fluid is suctioned out giving you the desired shape and preventing loose hanging skin later.

  5. Any other body contouring procedure planned can be combined together now.

What are the areas that can be treated with liposuction surgery?

Multiple areas of the body can be combined in one sitting of liposuction, usually decided by the surgeon giving priority to the safety of the patient. Various areas where liposuction can be performed are as follows:

1. FACE 

CHIN LIPOSUCTION for Double Chin – can be reduced successfully with liposuction, especially if combined with ultrasound energy or the VASER, or radiofrequency. The ultrasound energy helps in redraping of the skin better to the underlying muscle and giving better jawline definition.

Cheek fat removal – the better option is buccal fat pad removal through the intraoral approach.

2. ARMS 

Arm liposuction / Brachioplasty - Arms contouring by high definition Vaser liposuction. This will enable you to fulfill your dream of thin contoured arms.


Abdomen ( upper and lower )

Abdominal etching in females

Love handle or flanks liposculpting

Hourglass figure

360-degree liposuction 


Brafold liposuction 

Lower back liposuction 

Correction of hip dip deformity / violin deformity correction


Vaser liposuction of thighs

Saddlebags deformity correction

Lipodystrophy around the knees


What should be taken care post liposuction surgery?

- The patient should mobilize as early as post 12 hours of surgery.

- Adequate hydration and asepsis to be maintained.

- High protein-rich diet is recommended.

- Patient should understand that adequate exercise is necessary to maintain the results, hence once recovered from surgery, they should start with this.

Do I need to wear compression garments post procedure?

We recommend wearing pressure garments post-procedure for at least three to six weeks. The fat suctioned creates a pocket or space, so to fill this space an external compression is required from outside.

How big are the scars?

Liposuction with vaser is a minimally invasive procedure and the scars are around 2mm and are hidden along with the body folds, so they are hardly visible.

Can I appreciate the results immediately after the procedure?

Absolutely, yes. One can appreciate a visible change in contour just after the surgery or after 48 hrs, during the first change of dressing.

What are the possible side effects of the procedure?

These are minimal if you are inexperienced hands but otherwise may range from bruising, infection, asymmetry, pigmentation changes, etc.

Is the fat suctioned can be used in other areas of body?

The fat suctioned can be used for grafting in the butt, breast, or the face. This helps to enhance the contour or give the desired shape.


  1. Dr. Ashish Khare is a highly qualified liposuction surgeon in Delhi with an experience of doing more than 5000+ liposuction cases.
  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.
  3. The clinic is set on high standards with great ambiance.
  4. Well trained staff.
  5. The clinic is equipped with state of the art technology and equipments.
  6. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.



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