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Planning Your Gynecomastia Surgery in India? 5 Things to Know Before You Going


Imagine dealing with excess chest tissue despite countless hours spent at the gym. Men with gynecomastia frequently feel isolated and insecure as a result of their frustrating reality. The truth is that simply losing weight will not solve this stubborn problem. Thank goodness, there's hope. Vaser Liposuction with glandular excision, the gold standard treatment for gynecomastia, provides a permanent solution.

Hence, before you go for a gynecomastia surgery in Delhi. You need to know 5 major informative points about surgery:

Vaser Liposuction with Glandular Excision: The condition known as gynecomastia is characterized by the buildup of glandular tissue and fat in the male chest. In order to achieve the best results, weight loss alone is insufficient because glandular tissue and fat need to be treated differently. Gynecomastia treatment with Vaser liposuction combined with glandular excision is considered the gold standard. This all-encompassing method guarantees the efficient elimination of glandular components as well as fat, giving patients a masculine and sculpted chest contour.

Teenage Gynecomastia: Teenagers may experience gynecomastia, and surgery is thought to be a safe treatment for this condition. Surgical intervention is a viable and beneficial option when teenagers with grade three or grade four gynecomastia seek help with their parents, particularly if the excess chest fat is seriously affecting their confidence and quality of life. In these situations, having surgery can be a life-changing procedure that gives teenagers their confidence back and enhances their general wellbeing. Teenage gynecomastia can be safely and effectively treated with this procedure when carried out by a skilled plastic surgeon.

Role of Liposuction: Plastic surgeons are skilled in the technique of liposuction surgery, which is a necessary part of any gynecomastia procedure. Because it involves meticulously suctioning fat and glandular tissue from the gynecomastia pocket, gynecomastia surgery is complex and requires precision for best results. You can be sure that you are in the capable hands of someone who understands the complexities of plastic surgery if you choose to have the procedure performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Their expertise guarantees a thorough procedure that addresses glandular and adipose tissue, leading to a sculpted and aesthetically pleasing chest shape.

No Damage To The Muscle: Gynecomastia surgery leaves the muscle unaffected, allowing patients to resume exercise three to four weeks after surgery. The targeted treatment targets fat and glandular tissue located above the muscle. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon is critical because they have a thorough understanding of chest anatomy and can produce precise and effective results.

Ensuring Long-Term Results: Gynecomastia, which is defined by the accumulation of fat and glandular tissue, does not reoccur following surgery. Exercise does not cause the glandular tissue that was removed to return. However, fat may return if unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices continue, which typically takes four to five years to manifest. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after surgery is critical to extending the effectiveness of gynecomastia treatment.

It is strongly advised that anyone looking for the best results from gynecomastia surgery in India schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashish Khare at Kalosa Aesthetics. Being a skilled plastic surgeon in Delhi, India, Dr. Khare offers a plethora of knowledge having completed more than 5000+ gynecomastia procedures, including difficult and complicated cases. His dedication to providing outstanding outcomes and in-depth knowledge of the nuances of gynecomastia guarantee that patients receive thorough and individualized care. Those thinking about gynecomastia surgery can trust Kalosa Aesthetics because of Dr. Khare's commitment to excellence and focus on producing results that are both aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking.

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