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Breaking the Stigma: Why Indian Women are Embracing Breast Augmentation?

breast implant surgery in Delhi

Every Woman has a different body size, and so do their breasts. Often, the breast size of a woman doesn’t match their expectation or complement their figure. Many times, the breast size deforms after pregnancy or weight loss. Women are embracing breast augmentation surgery in Delhi to enhance their breast volume so that they can feel sexier, more attractive and more feminine. 

Breast Surgeries have been widely popular in India for the last decade. In Delhi, women trust Kalosa Aesthetic Clinic to get appealing looks. We are proud to offer our personalised approach for all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Our expert, Dr Ashish Khare, has top-level surgical skills and specialises in breast implantation and tissue expansion. He ensures you get the beautiful, symmetrical and natural-looking appearance you crave.

There are a number of benefits to breast implant surgery in Delhi, but it's crucial to ensure that you embrace it for the right reasons. In this post, we will help you comprehend why most women are choosing Breast implants or augmentation surgery.

Due To Physical Changes

Indian women's body changes at different stages of their lives; as a consequence, they might consider reconstruction surgery to feel the same as they were in the past. There are various instances, such as weight loss, ageing, and pregnancy. When your body changes, especially your breasts, and your breasts start sagging or losing their volume, then a breast lift surgery is the right decision that ultimately provides you with a firm and youthful-looking shape. Let's explore a few causes of bodily changes. 

  • Pregnancy: Women during pregnancy have fuller and more voluminous breasts, but after the birth of the child, the breast loses its volume, which leads to the issue we just discussed. 

  • Weight Loss: An abrupt weight loss can lead to a change in breast shape and size. During weight loss, the fat tissue in the body gets reduced, and you may lose it from your breasts as well. Breast implant surgery can provide volume, develop symmetry, and fix the shape.

  • Incomplete Breast Development: It is one of the driving factors for most younger females, particularly those in their 20s. Some women seek breast augment procedures due to a lack of breast growth for unknown reasons, resulting in a less rounded shape or flat contour, making them feel self-conscious about their appearance. Furthermore, these young women find trouble wearing trendy fitted clothes or swimwear that are popular in their age groups.

Wish to Have Fuller Breasts

One of the most popular reasons for opting for Breast augmentation is making them bigger. Also, the influence of social media has made young Indian women desire bigger, fuller and shapelier breasts. 

At the centre of Kalosa, our experienced team, led by Dr Ashish Khare, the most trusted breast augmentation surgeon, will engage in an open conversation with you to determine the most suitable implant substance, shape, and size for your desired appearance. 

Want Symmetrical and Even Breasts

Women often struggle to find the right bra fit or other clothing due to their different breast cup sizes. Although a slight difference in breasts is normal, major unevenness can be uncomfortable and become one of the reasons why women choose breast augmentation surgery. The surgery helps you regain confidence and provides you with a personally satisfying look.

To Feel Younger 

After 40, a woman's body starts its natural process of ageing, and it causes breasts to lose volume and sagging skin. However,  a breast augmentation process at Kalosa Aesthetics can help restore a youthful appearance. 

Visit Kalosa Aesthetics for more information about breast implant augmentation or other reconstructive plastic surgeries. Dr Ashish Khare at Kalosa has been performing Breast Implant surgeries and catering to patients’ realistic expectations for several years. As a board-certified and internationally trained plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR, he ensures the surgery provides your expected results.

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