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Breast Reduction Surgery: The Very Gratifying Surgery


Have your breasts become a burden for you? Do you miss your comfort, self-assurance, and freedom because of their emotional and physical burden? If this is the case, you're not alone. Millions of women suffer from the limitations and frustrations of having large breasts, yearning for a shape that complements their beauty and empowers their lives.

However, here's some positive news! Breast reduction surgery can be your transformative journey, sculpting larger- than- life breasts into smaller, attractive, and most crucially, comfortable mounds. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about reclaiming your body, your confidence, and your life.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for breast reduction or breast implant surgery. It is completely up to you whether or not to have breast reduction surgery since it is a very personal choice. Knowing these signs will enable you to explore your options and consult with qualified plastic surgeons in Delhi for advice if you suffer from the psychological and physical effects of having large breasts.

Here are Some Indications of Breast Reduction Surgery

Impact of Breast Weight: Women who carry a lot of weight on their breasts frequently suffer from conditions like cervical spine problems, inframammary fold eczema, limits in sports and social activities, and difficulty finding clothes that fit properly. In addition to addressing these physical issues, a beautifully redesigned breast significantly boosts the patient's self-esteem.

Mastopexy and Breast Reduction: Mastopexy is fantastic for lifting and reshaping smaller breasts, but for larger, heavier breasts, it's important to consider their long-term stability. The combined weight can put excess strain on weakened tissue, potentially leading to sagging again. Therefore, for these cases, We often recommend combining mastopexy with a tailored breast reduction for a more permanent and satisfying outcome. This ensures both lift and optimal support, allowing you to enjoy your newfound confidence for years to come.

Breast Asymmetries: Whether arising from congenital factors or as a consequence of breast cancer treatment, breast asymmetries find resolution through corrective procedures such as breast reduction or mastopexy.

Psychological Challenges of Juveniles: The physical and psychological effects of juvenile breast hypertrophy are severe for those affected. My unique method increases the chance of preserving viability, sensitivity, and breastfeeding ability while also honoring anatomical structures. Notably, breast growth may continue even after the breast reduction surgery procedure, which is especially advised for younger patients.

Summary of Operative Technique

  • Marking the new nipple site. mark the medial pedicle with a dermal base narrow enough to allow its full mobility. 

  • Mark the superomedially based pedicle, the medial and the lateral pillars, and moving uptill the IMF.

  • Infiltrate the superomedial pedicle, deepithelialized  the pedicle and incise remaining the peri areolar skin excess.

  • Incise perpendicularly the nipple areolar complex along with the superomedial pedicle, upto the pectoral fascia.

  • Separate the pedicle and remove the excess breast tissue and skin 

  • Rotate the pedicle and NAC to the new position , align the medial and the lateral pillars . 

  • Do not extend the skin excision to the inframammary fold rather extend it laterally . 

  • Insert suction drains 

  • Close periareolar and vertical wound edges in two layers . 

Post Operative Care 

  • The patient stay in the hospital overnight 

  • The drains and the bandages are removed the next day . 

  • Sports bra is advised to wear day and night  initially and after two weeks only in the day time . 

  • Non resorbable stitches are removed after two weeks 

  • Scars are treated with ointment after two weeks 

So, All questions about female breast reduction surgery or mammoplasty reductions are welcome to consult with our expert team at Kalosa Clinics, where renowned plastic surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Ashish Khare, M.Ch., is your care provider.

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