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Breast Reduction Surgery

Female Breast Reduction in Delhi

Breast Reduction Surgery in Delhi

This is also known as reduction mammoplasty and involves the removal of excess breast tissue and skin to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts in proportion to the body.

This is one of the commonly performed breast surgeries and helps in boosting the confidence of a female. Kalosa is best center with highly expercienced plastic surgeon to perform female breast reduction surgery in Delhi, India.

Am I the right candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Apart from females with aesthetically displeasing look due to large bulky breasts, women experiencing physical discomfort due to heavy breasts resulting in shoulder or neck pain or difficulty in performing any physical activity are good candidates for breast reduction surgery. Also, females experiencing rashes or stasis ulcers under breasts can go for reduction surgery. It will make a woman more attractive and help in the better fitting of the bra or swimwear or sportswear.

How early can I get my surgery done?

We would like to wait until breast development is complete which stabilizes for at least a year or a minimum of 18 years of age.

How do I choose female breast reduction surgeon in Delhi?

Now, this is an important question that decides the success of the surgery.
A qualified breast reduction surgeon in Delhi having done super-specialty training is a must, also he must be experienced in doing breast surgeries. One should carefully assess pre and post-op pictures of past patients. That would help in interpreting past results and appreciating finer details.
The price and discounts should not be the choosing criteria as the safety and results are of much greater importance.

What to expect during breast reduction consultation at kalosa clinic?

A detailed consultation with best breast reduction surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Ashish Khare is done where he understands the expectations of the patient and then discusses the benefits and how to achieve them.
One should feel free to discuss any issues related to this to the doctor.

  1. He examines the patient accompanied by a female attendant. The plan for surgery is discussed in detail and explained to the patient.
  2. Past results are shown for a better understanding of the procedure.
  3. Preliminary blood investigations and ultrasound breasts or mammograms were ordered.
  4. Blood thinners to be stopped three days before the date of surgery.
  5. It is better to stop smoking a month before surgery for better healing.

What to expect on day of surgery?

  1. The patient is usually called on an empty stomach with 8 hours of fasting as this procedure is usually done under general anaesthesia.
  2. Consent for the procedure is taken and the patient shifted to the OT.
  3. Markings for incision are done and pre-operative pictures are taken. The patient should understand that these pics are fully confidential and used only for post-op result comparison. They can be used for promotional activities but without her face or name.

Can liposuction be used for breast reduction and in which type of cases?

Yes, liposuction can be used for breast reduction for candidates who need or desire a mild decrease in the size of the breast and have excessive fatty tissue with no sagging to correct and good skin elasticity.
If the breast size is too large or asymmetrical, breast tissue also needs to be removed and proper incisions are required.

Where are incision lines placed?

Incision lines are usually placed around the areola or a small vertical line down from the center (lollipop incision) when moderate breast tissue reduction is required or an additional infra mammary incision (inverted T or anchor) when a large amount of breast reduction is required. Once healing is complete, scar lines become light.

How much is the recovery time?

It takes from 4 weeks to 12 weeks for complete wound healing. One needs to restrict physical activity for this period.

What can be possible complications of the female breast reduction surgery?

There can be some minor complications like bleeding, infection, temporary loss of sensation of nipple or areola, bruising, or asymmetry.

Can I breastfeed the baby after the surgery?

Though studies do not exactly contradict breastfeeding, we would like to advise you to complete the family and then go for the surgery as natural sagging continues in the breast tissues.


  1. Dr. Ashish Khare is a highly qualified breast reduction surgeon in Delhi with experience of doing more than 5000+ cases.
  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.
  3. The clinic is set on high standards with great ambiance.
  4. Well trained staff.
  5. The clinic is equipped with the latest state of the art technology and equipment.
  6. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.
  7. All safety measures for COVID 19 are being followed.
    1. The clinic is being sanitized daily.
    2. Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance.
    3. Social distancing being strictly followed.
    4. Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits.
    5. Surgery of all patients is preceded by a COVID RT PCR testing.



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