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Liposuction: How To Choose The Ideal Patient and Doctor?


Finding the ideal candidate for liposuction surgery is similar to finding the ideal key in that it opens the door to incredible outcomes. What then qualifies someone as the ideal match? First off, give up on miracle weight loss solutions. Not shrinking, but body sculpting is the main goal of liposuction surgery. Ideally, you lead a healthy lifestyle and weigh no more than 30 percent of your ideal weight. Consider it the final detail rather than a miracle fix.

Your general health is important next. Diabetes and other chronic illnesses need to be managed. Speaking of control, the elasticity of your skin is essential. Recall a bouncy castle rather than deflated balloons. It will conform to your new shape more readily to a firmer texture. Recall that liposuction is not a panacea. It's important to have reasonable expectations. Although it's a potent tool, maintaining those toned results over time requires healthy habits like exercise and a balanced diet.

There are few main criterias for choosing an ideal patient for liposuction surgery in Delhi and that decides the success of your liposuction. Here are the details:

  1. The patient should be within 30% of his or her ideal weight. So if somebody's ideal weight should be 60 kg, and her weight is 75% but with protruding lower abdomen fat or thick love handles, she can surely go for liposuction but not if her weight is 100kg.

  2. Patients should be in general good medical health. So if a patient has any chronic illness like diabetes, it should be well controlled. If it is uncontrolled, or a patient has other ailments like heart problems etc, he or she should not go for liposuction.

  3. Skin redraping after liposuction requires elasticity in the skin. This allows the skin to smoothly conform to the new contours created following the removal of fat, ensuring the best possible aesthetic results.

  4. Patient should have tried diet and exercise and then realized that the fat she wants to reduce is resistant to all this.

  5. Patients should have realistic expectations and not undergo liposuction surgery for weight loss but for body contouring mainly.

  6. Patients should be ready to follow an active lifestyle post surgery, and take care of the food they are having. Liposuction treatment is the stepping stone and not the end to your beautiful body. To maintain it, an active lifestyle with exercise should be followed. diet should be a low calorie and high protein diet and adequate hydration of the body should be maintained.

Which doctor should be approached for liposuction surgery in Delhi?

Liposuction surgery is a medical procedure. It needs a definitive level of expertise and knowledge about the anatomy of our body. Your safety should always be kept in mind. A Plastic surgeon is a specialized doctor who has expertise in liposuction. The surgeon who has knowledge about body contours, layers, anatomy and wound healing, is perfect to approach. Apart from this, people do not even care about the qualifications of the surgeon. And, it has also been seen that people prefer to go to non-plastic surgeons to save on expenses, rather than their safety. At Kalosa Aesthetics we have experienced celebrity plastic surgeons in Delhi like Dr Ashish Khare who has experience of operating more than 5000+ surgeries. The major areas covered by surgeons are belly, love handles, back, arm, chest, chin, saddle bags, thighs etc. 

Tummy tuck surgery or the abdominoplasty surgery involves a long incision mark on your body, usually at the bikini line, extending from one pubic bone bony prominence to another. This incision can be extended or shortened depending on the type of abdominoplasty surgery we are dealing with. This further involves tightening of the muscle and removal of excess skin and finally closure. Sometimes, umbilicus is given a new position if it has come down a lot or has got misplaced from its normal anatomical position.

Nowadays all the tummy tuck procedures involve liposuction procedures also, so collectively called lipoabdominoplasty. Now who are the candidates for tummy tuck and not just the plain liposuction

  1. Who have poor skin elasticity

  2. Who have lot of excess skin

  3. Who already have previous pfannenstiel incisions

  4. In females, preferably if completed their family

So if you are struggling for belly fat and saggy lower abdomen then you should meet our celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Ashish khare for liposuction surgery at Kalosa Aesthetics in Delhi NCR, India.

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