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Worried About Your Double Chin? Opt For Chin Vaser Liposuction


If you've spent a lifetime strategically posing and concealing your double chin in photos, my go-to cosmetic procedure is undoubtedly double chin liposuction. This transformative liposuction surgery not only liberates you from the perpetual effort of hiding, but it also unveils a sleeker, more confident version of yourself. No more compromise – embrace a life where your pictures capture the real you, free from the constraints of a double chin. With advancements such as Vaser liposuction technology, the procedure ensures a refined contour and enhanced jawline definition, making it my top choice for those seeking long-term results.

Chin liposuction is the best option for people who want a more slender profile in the lower third of their faces and necks, giving them a lighter and more youthful look. This outpatient procedure, often compared to a lunch break transformation, is versatile in that it can be performed under local anesthesia or, when combined with other facial and body procedures, under general anesthesia for a more comprehensive enhancement. Let us talk about the four areas we address while performing the chin liposuction surgery

1) First Area: The initial focus is right beneath the chin, which is the primary area that draws everyone's attention during an OPD consultation. Visualize lines drawn from the corner of the mouth down the neck; the space between these lines is the pivotal area for chin liposuction. Enhancing the appearance of the neckline with a discreet incision beneath the chin is transformative. However, addressing this area alone is only the beginning; the fullness on the side of the neck remains, and the jawline awaits its luminosity.

2) Second Area: The second zone extends from the initial area's border and runs along the jaw, from the angle of the mandible to the back of the ear. This meticulous maneuver not only defines the jawline but also helps to refine the neckline. Devoting more time to thin out the skin along the angle of the mandible is an important step in improving the precision and definition of the jawline.

3) Third Area: The third major area is the side of the neck, where we strategically reduce overall width to create the illusion of a more slender neckline. Suctioning this specific area has a transformative effect while also adding an extra layer of aesthetic refinement to the neck, resulting in a harmonious and balanced profile.

4) Fourth Area: The jowls, an often-overlooked fourth area, begin to accumulate at the corners of the mouth as we age. Liposuction in these areas helps to elevate contours and give the face a more angular appearance, which is a clear indication of a youthful and rejuvenated visage.

For those who want a more sleek and chiseled face, consider combining chin liposuction with buccal fat pad removal, a dynamic duo that sculpts and refines facial contours.

In all chin liposuctions, We use ultrasound energy, specifically Vaser, which facilitates fat emulsification and improves skin redraping to the underlying muscles. This meticulous approach results in a superior contour and shape for the neck, as well as high definition along the jawline. In a world where many patients choose fat melting injections and threads to treat double chins, using Vaser liposuction is advantageous. It not only refines contours but also effectively addresses adhesions caused by previous procedures, providing an extra layer of precision and finesse to the final result.

The application of a chin strap or compression dressing is a crucial postoperative care step that must be followed after the procedure in order to promote the best possible recovery. Wearing this dressing or strap religiously is advised for a duration of five to seven days; if necessary, longer time may be suggested for better healing and intended outcomes.

For thorough information on body contouring and double chin liposuction, speak with our renowned plastic surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Ashish Khare. Having completed over 5000+ Vaser Liposuction procedures in major body areas, he has a wealth of experience and is regarded as a reliable expert in producing life-changing outcomes.

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