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Small Breast Size: Causes, Challenges, and Solutions


Many young females suffer from small breast size or minimal breast. The reason for underdeveloped breasts or minimal breast size  may be hormonal, genetics, poor nutrition  and sometimes young females suffering from anorexia nervosa (an eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat). Due to small breast size these young female patients suffer from many physical, personal and emotional setbacks and sometimes this problem may lead to loss of confidence and sometimes even depression.

It’s a fact that for people who want to increase their breast size and feel more confident, breast implant surgery may be a viable option. But here are some common problems these females face in day to day activities due to small breasts size:

  1. These patients are always self conscious about their breast size and they feel envy when they are in the company of  females having fuller, voluminous and contoured breasts.

  2. Sometimes these females are flat chested and there is no need to wear a bra. Not wearing a bra makes many of these patients self conscious and underconfident.

  3. To get their perfect contour these females wear multiple layers of clothing, padding and sometimes use silicone breast mold to get their perfect breast contour and volume. 

  4. Failure in a relationship. boys prefer females having good breast size and contour.

  5. Feeling like the upper aspect of the body does not match and body contours are not perfect.

  6. It's difficult to find clothes and avoid beachwear.

Many females try different methods which are available at the chemist shop to increase the size of the breast like some medications, oil application and pumps but patients are disheartened because these methods do not increase the size. Patients lose their time and money. However, many surgeons recommend breast implant surgery to overcome the condition. The various methods we use to increase the size of the breast at kalosa aesthetics are as follows.

  1. Breast Fillers or Body Fillers: Breast augmentation using injectable fillers is an easy method of increasing the size of the breast. It is a hyaluronic acid gel of non animal origin and manufactured using commercially available technology. It is performed under local anesthesia, an OPD based procedure, does not require hospitalization and does not have long down time. You may visit the clinic and go in two hours. The result may last upto 12 – 18 months. You can appreciate a change in a cup size and if a patient is looking for a significant increase in size then it is not recommended. 

  2. Autologous Fat Transfer: It is a new method where we take the fat from your own body, prepare and infiltrate in the breast tissue. It helps to add volume and create a more natural look. The advantages of fat grafting are it is a safe and result oriented procedure, It gives minimal scarring and discomfort. The only problem is, you may require multiple sessions.

  3. Silicone Breast Implants: The procedure involves inserting the implant below the breast tissue to increase the size of the chest. It can also be performed on womens who have saggy breasts, loss of volume after feeding, downward looking breasts. It is the procedure most commonly accepted by the patients having small breasts. The benefits of the procedure are less downtime, increase in the volume of the breast, natural feel and the results  are for a long time, maybe up to 15 years. 

So if you are suffering from a small breast and want to increase the size, breast implant surgery in Delhi NCR is the right option. To discuss more about it, meet our celebrity plastic surgeon in Delhi NCR Dr Ashish Khare at KALOSA CLINIC. Do ping us at kalosaaesthetics.com or connect with us at the given numbers:  +91-8619751479 +91-8299085009. 

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