Monsplasty Surgery in Delhi

Monsoplasty is analogous to abdominoplasty for abdomen and is the procedure to reduce the bulging and tighten the skin with tissue in the area of mons above the vulva. It is also known as pubic lift surgery. It can be performed in combination with tummy tuck surgery, a body lift, or a Mommy Makeover to achieve maximum satisfaction, or at the same time as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty to rejuvenate the entire female pubic region.

Where is Mons?

Mons is the upper hair bearing part of the vulva which contains some amount of underlying fat also.

This area overlies pubic symphysis and protects the underlying bones and joints from any trauma.


Need for Monsoplasty

Excessive obesity, aging, fluctuations in weight, childbirth and pregnancy can result in sagging of mons pubis area. Such females find extra pockets of fat under the mons which gives an erratic shape to their body. This often gives an aesthetically displeasing look and interfere in everyday activity.

Even females who have undergone liposuction, still find lose bulge of tissue hanging just above the perineum which gives a bulging look in tight pants, yoga attire, a swim wear or a lingerie.

It becomes quite embarrassing for them and they struggle everyday to hide it.

Surgically correcting this area gives them freedom to choose a new range of clothing.

Females can even have problem in having sex and passing urine.

They often find it difficult to reach their vulva due to this bulge at mons and often find hair removal at vulva difficult.

All these conditions often result in low self confidence and self esteem.

Preliminary Consultation

  1. You are required to meet Dr Deepti Asthana, our gynae cosmetic surgeon and Dr Ashish Khare, our plastic cosmetic surgeon.

  2. Thorough history is taken and examination is done.

  3. The consultation is spent discussing and evaluating your concerns, as well as developing a customized surgical plan that is right for you.

  4. Decided plan of surgery is discussed in detail.

  5. Preliminary blood investigations ordered.

  6. Blood thinners to be stopped three days prior to date of surgery.

  7. Smoking and alcohol should be stopped atleast 2 weeks prior to surgery for better healing of the wound.

  8. Preferred timing of surgery is usually immediate post menstrual .

What to Expect on Surgery Day ?

  1. Patient is allowed to come only with one attendant to avoid overcrowding.

  2. Patient can have light meals and come, if the surgery is decided for local anaesthesia. However, if the patient has opted for general anaesthesia, patient should be empty stomach , i.e. no food, liquids including water orally for atleast 8 hours prior to surgery.

  3. There should not be any upper respiratory tract infection or any fever at the day of surgery or any other major contraindication.

  4. Patient is asked to fill the consent form which also briefs about the possible complications.

  5. It is preferable if pubic hair trimming is done 2 days prior to the surgery to avoid any fresh cuts.

  6. Preoperative photograph is taken.

  7. Local anaesthesia sensitivity testing is done.

  8. Patient is asked to pass urine and proceed to OT room.


Usually general anaesthesia is preferred for the surgery as the surgical area is very vascular and painful but if the bulge is not large, local anaesthesia may be given.

If there is too much fat bulge, procedure can be combined with liposuction.

After consent, patient is laid on the table and marking done.

Horizontal skin incision is given at the upper edge of pubic region. If the ptosis and fat bulge is too much, small midline vertical incision also is sometimes given. If there is any previous cesaraen section scar or laparotomy scar, horizontal scar can be incorporated in that scar.

Extra fold of tissue is carefully excised, muscles tightened and then remaining tissue stitched back.

Pubic skin is pulled up to close the incision. This gives newer tighter and firmer look.

Care is taken to maintain symmetry and proper hemostasis is ensured.

Some patients may have drains placed to collect postoperative fluids, these are usually removed a few days after the procedure.

Post Operative Instructions

  1. You are required to take strict rest for next 24 hours but gentle walking is allowed from next day

  2. Drains are removed usually on day 3 or day 4 depending on drain output.

  3. A compression garment provides the needed support for the surgical area.

  4. A course of antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

  5. Maintain strict local hygiene.

  6. Maintain adequate hydration..

  7. Eat healthy fiber rich diet to prevent constipation


Early complications include pain, bleeding, hematoma and localised swelling and edema.

Late complication may include scarring and asymmetry.


Recovery of every patient is different.

You are expected to take rest from work for atleast a week.

Edema takes 3 to 4 weeks to subside.

Light work can be resumed after two to three weeks.

Heavy exercise, intercourse, sports activity should be resumed after 6 to 8 weeks.


Actual results are seen 12 months after surgery when healing is complete. The surgery will result in a lower profile mons which should be less visible in clothing. Surgery enhances the overall confidence of the patient.

Why Choose Kalosa Clinic for Monsplasty Surgery in Delhi?

  1. Team of highly qualified doctors- Dr Deepti Asthana is an internationally trained gynae cosmetic surgeon whereas Dr Ashish Khare is an experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon

  2. Each patient gets individual personal attention and care.

  3. Surgery is tailored according to your needs and expectations

  4. Clinic set on high standards with great ambience.

  5. Well trained staff.

  6. Clinic equipped with latest state of the art technology and equipment.

  7. Innumerable happy patients and great past results.



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