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What Factors Influence the Cost of Liposuction Surgeries?

Liposuction Surgery Cost

So, “how much will liposuction really cost me?" - We are frequently asked this question, and with good reason. We often see patients get confused about the costs offered by different doctors for liposuction surgery. It's essential for patients to clarify what factors will determine the cost of liposuction surgeries, and you should be aware of them. The plastic surgeons may suggest different tests, medications, and post-operative care based on each person's unique requirements, medical history, and current health status. 

Let’s focus on other factors that significantly influence the overall cost of your liposuction surgery procedure:

The Area To Be Treated
Large areas require more operating time, and anesthesia increases the cost. Also, the cost of single areas will be lower than the cost of liposuction for multiple areas. However, many clinics offer package deals and so you might be able to get a significant discount if you choose to go in for liposuction for multiple areas of your body. Facial liposuction requires a lot more skill and precision and so the cost for cheek liposuction might be higher than expected.

The Volume Of Fat To Be Removed
The volume of fat that is suctioned can range from 5 liters to 25 liters per liposuction session - which affects surgery time and costs. People who have just small pouches of stubborn fat require less time in the operating room while the surgeries of those who need larger amounts of fat suctioned will be considerably longer. Your plastic surgeon will discuss your liposuction objectives with you and he will factor in the amount of fat that needs to be removed when deciding the cost of your liposuction procedure. It is possible to remove up to 25 liters of aspirate in a single session but this is associated with several health risks which is why surgeons recommend 5 liters or less of aspirate per session.

The Type Of Liposuction Procedure
The cost of a liposuction surgery procedure depends largely on the type of liposuction performed as each treatment has different requirements in terms of equipment, time, and surgeon skill. 

Never assume that the best liposuction procedure is the one that is the most expensive. For instance, laser-assisted liposuction can be quite expensive as the  machines are costly. However, although this is one of the most expensive types of liposuction, it also has significant side effects including burns, and heat generation. On the other hand, tumescent liposuction does not require intravenous or gaseous anesthesia since it is performed only under local anesthesia. Since an anesthesiologist is not required, the cost of this type of liposuction is often much lower even though it is one of the best liposuction procedures available today.

The Cost Of Additional Procedures & Post-OP Care
Liposuction is sometimes performed in conjunction with other procedures. Liposuction and tummy tuck surgery procedures are the most common combination - Another popular combination is liposuction and breast augmentation.

After liposuction, post op care will help to prevent side effects such as bruising, fluid accumulation, and infection. Liposuction post op care costs generally include medications and compression garments to reduce scarring. Your doc may also suggest that you use silicone scar sheets over the scars to prevent permanent scarring.

The Anesthesiologist's Rates
The type of anesthesia used and the dosage will largely depend on the type of liposuction and the amount of fat to be suctioned. If your doctor says that you will require general anesthesia for your procedure, you can expect your liposuction costs to go up considerably as this would require a certified anesthesiologist.

If your surgeon recommends an expensive anesthesiologist, don't resent the additional expenditure - many of the risks of liposuction are connected to the anesthesia that is used as well as the anesthesiologist's skills. Using a good anesthesiologist will send your costs up but reduce your risk of liposuction complications. 

Liposuction costs typically include your surgeon's fees, the anesthesiologist's charges, pre-op and post-op medical tests, cost of the operating room, medications, and compression garments. When your surgeon gives you the initial quote, he may not include all the additional costs so discuss all liposuction costs with him in advance and you can even ask for a breakdown of the costs. If you are considering future liposuction procedures on different areas, you can discuss this too as he might be able to offer you a discount on the subsequent surgeries. There is no denying that cost is a consideration when deciding on a liposuction procedure, but it cannot be the key factor. Your surgeon will decide on the type of liposuction procedure you require based on your individual requirements.

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